Editors and reporters have been known to reject content created by marketers because there is a stereotypical perception about marketers and content creators that pins them as mere sales personnel, trying to sell the product rather than providing actual value to the reader. This is a conundrum, of course, given that it would be particularly hard to get the exposure necessary for a successful marketing campaign without media outreach partners.

Add value to your marketing content

Now this is particularly important when you are on the verge of connecting with a particularly respected media outlet in your target region. There is no better way to reach out to the target audience and the masses than finding a prestigious media partner. However, in order to secure the partnership, your marketing content will need to provide the following values:

  • The general content should appeal to the editors as well.
  • Whatever your marketing team has come up with, it should resonate with the audience of the media outreach partner in question.
  • It should not be too promotional.
  • All content must adhere to every guideline, as specified by the media company.

Find your niche and then look for the right media partners

The main issue that prevents working with media outreach partners seamlessly is the fact that marketers often neglect a basic requirement. This is, of course, the act of identifying the target media outlets first.

Marketers already know about the importance of identifying the target audience and any branding solution worth two cents already has an idea about who the client’s target audience is. However, they also need to identify the kind of media outlets that the target audience finds interesting.

Once a marketing team manages to identify the right media outlet, the conflict of interest between media partners and marketers can essentially come to an end, since they should be at least somewhat related to each other to have a common set of target audiences.

Work with local marketers who have connections to local media

For example, if you plan to expand or open in Chinese territory, which has many of the world’s largest markets, obtaining top China SEO can be an excellent marketing technique, and CDRS is a great partner to team up with. They have thorough PPC services, locally relevant marketing strategies, complete SEO solutions and strong connections with the major local media outlets.

It’s not just about China, though, because if you are planning to enter a new geographical location anywhere, it’s always best to team up with a local marketing partner who has the connections and the know-how to make your marketing far more relevant to the local population.

Stereotypes about marketers and content creators are generally created due to the media’s experience with overzealous marketing efforts, so as long as you can prove to your media partners that your content goes beyond just selling the product and really does provide entertainment/information value to their readers, breaking that stereotype should not be too much of a problem.

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